Although our factory has been established recently, the Rosangel’s strength and willpower arise from years of experience in the field of textile accessories.
In fact we are specialized in manufacturing fashion accessories of medium-high quality, for man, woman and children.
Our collection of scarves, stoles, shawls and plaid both in fabric and knitting, it’s the result of an accurate research and careful attention to the style.
Our aim is to introduce in every collection all the possible ideas for the accessories sector: from classical to sport style, from fashion to casual and we are proud to be able to satisfy every single request of our clients concerning news, exclusivity, very good quality at an affordable price, respect of the delivery terms and flexibility.

Our products are made with precious yearn such as mohair, cashmere, angora, linen, silk and cotton and manufactured following peculiar operations which go from embroidery to printing or using special treatments in order to obtain different aspects. At the end the final product is ready to be delivered in every part of the world and in every shop in an appropriate packaging.

We would be grateful if you would consider our strong points: 100% of our product is made in Italy, we directly assist the manufacturing of the product, we guarantee deliveries in time, we are responsible for the quality control. Moreover we offer to our customer laboratory tests, manufacturing of personalized labels and special packaging. We sell to any kind of distribution such as department stores, chain of stores or warehouse.